Aviation Attractions at Paine Field Wayfinding Signage Program: Snohomish County, WA

Tangram is developing a wayfinding signage system for Snohomish County to guide visitors from major highways to the aviation visitor attractions near Paine Field using a consistent wayfinding system. The aviation attractions include the Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour, Museum of Flight Restoration Center and Reserve Collection, Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum, Historic Flight Foundation, and the High Trek Aerial Adventure Course at Paine Field Community Park. Visitors reported a lack of awareness of the many aviation attractions and a high degree of navigational confusion when traveling between destinations.

Creating a new wayfinding signage system will guide visitors from major highways to the visitor attractions, promote the attractions and create a sense of place. Both lack of awareness and navigational confusion will be improved with a clear and cohesive aviation attraction wayfinding signage system and will strengthen the identity of the aviation attractions as a major cultural, historic and visitor-friendly center in Snohomish County.

To begin the development of the signage system, the design team performed a site assessment, met with Snohomish County and project stakeholders and held a public Community Engagement meeting for community feedback. These engagements allowed the design team to understand the needs and desires of the wayfinding signage system, define characteristics and elements of the attractions, as well as, comprehend the emotions and experiences the stakeholders and community would like visitors to take away with them. Below are the concepts that have been developed for the project.


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