Cheyenne, Wyoming

As the largest higher educational institution within Cheyenne, Laramie County Community College (LCCC) serves as an important educational resource to its community. Its recent years of consistent student population growth has put LCCC on the verge of many campus improvements. As such, they desired a signage and wayfinding system that uses modular components to accommodate future campus changes, reinforces LCCC’s association with the Cheyenne community, and unifies the campus into a connected and integrated environment.

Tangram developed an exterior and interior signage system for LCCC. The root of the signage design stems from Cheyenne’s history as a railroad town and its continued importance as a vital transportation center for the State of Wyoming. Retaining this spirit from Cheyenne’s early history and reinforcing LCCC’s association with the community, the signage design merges a railroad inspired design with contemporary and modular signage components. The individual sign panels of the exterior system provide easy change out of messages. The slight separation between each panel in the exterior system allows wind to pass through the sign so that it can withstand high wind loads.


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