Kirkland, Washington

With declining stocks of native salmon, increasing urbanization and invasive plant species threatening habitat conditions within Juanita Creek, the City of Kirkland understood the need to initiate an effort to restore its Juanita Creek channel. By reshaping its banks, replacing invasive plants with native species, and other landscaping initiatives, the city was able to  restore the creek. An interpretive signage program was implemented to inform and educate residents and visitors about the significance of the creek’s restoration efforts. 

Tangram worked with the city and landscape architects J.A. Brennan Associates to develop two large interpretive panels. One panel was designed to elaborate on the creek’s habitat and restoration efforts conveying ideas of how the Juanita Creek Restoration Project functions and supports habitat for salmon. The other sign panel provided awareness about water quality within the creek focusing on the problems that create poor water quality and what can be done to make improvements. Tangram wrote, designed, and developed the sign panels and ensured they integrated into the landscape design of the area. The interpretive sign program has become a popular educational tool for the community and for school field trips.


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