Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) initiated plans to re-lift and renovate four of its terminals. This large endeavor affects all public signage elements located in the terminals, airport roadways, garages and upper/ lower curbsides. In an effort to manage the significant signage effort, the airport renovated Terminal A first. All signage standards and wayfinding solutions developed for Terminal A dictated the design and implementation of signage in the remaining terminals.

Communicating, collaborating, and coordinating with DFW, project architects, and Jacobs Engineering, our team members facilitated and developed the signage designs, wayfinding solutions, implementation strategies and standards for the renovation of Terminal A. The airport required that the new signage standards stem and advance from their current signage standards. Working within these parameters, our team established a comprehensive and intuitive wayfinding system that integrated the signage into the environment while maintaining its functionality, effectiveness and design criteria. The signage system was also designed to be flexible so that it was adaptable for use in the other terminals as well as in preparation for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit light rail extension project.


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